Zimbali Coastal Resort was recently named as one of the country’s top residential estates in a report by New World Wealth and AfrAsia. Out of 10 residential estates in the country, Zimbali was ranked third and was judged based on criteria like design, space, communal gardens and parks, maintenance, location, views, security features, scenery, wildlife, activities within the estate and amenities near the estate such as schools, hospitals and offices. This accolade is hardly surprising seeing as though Zimbali is still one of the most sought-after residential estates on KZN’s North coast.

Estate living is one of the fastest growing trends in South Africa, and interestingly, after America, South Africa has the second-highest volume of residential estates in the world. Even well-established, stable countries like Spain and the United Arab Emirates are only now catching on to this trend.

Another interesting trend is emerging in niche estates- specific offerings tailored for a specific kind of buyer. One of the markets developers in KZN have their eyes on is retirement; historically the retirement market in this region ahs been undersubscribed but as developers are tweaking and amending their offerings to suit this end, buyers are finding the idea more and more compelling. Residential estates are constantly having to change and evolve to attract buyers; and one the many things of the list of desirables is the idea of what is termed ‘multi-generational’ living. Many older folk, who are of retirement age but are not content on sitting in an armchair all day, are calling for estates which offer a varied host of amenities within a larger estate. Zimbali Lakes Resort has been designed with all this in mind- comprising single residential sites for those who want to bring their dream home to life to sectional title opportunities ideal for investors looking to grow their capital and a holistic retirement offering which caters for residents through every phase of retirement.

Zimbali’s stature and stability as a brand cannot be overstated, sales continue despite the ups and downs in the real estate market. Sitting on some of the most breath-taking land on KZN’s North Coast and offering golf, beach and bush, Zimbali is truly unique. With its own lagoon and forest, as well as an abundance of birdlife, its proximity to  nearby services and amenities, the facilities offered within, exceptional maintenance and security as well as spectacular views, it is no wonder Zimbali Coastal Resort has managed to take its place amongst the country’s most prestigious estates.


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