Zimbali Estate Agency will help you find your dream home

Zimbali Estate Agency

Zimbali Estate Agency will help you find your dream home

North Coast property values have steadily increased since 2009, and the area now boasts some of the most expensive properties in the greater Durban area. Zimbali Coastal Resort continues to ride the wave of success and has experienced unwavering demand for the lifestyle on offer there. Some of the homes for sale at Zimbali Coastal Resort are what dreams are made of, and ZEA have had the privilege of selling some of the most beautiful homes listed in Zimbali Coastal Resort. Unique homes like those found at Zimbali Coastal Resort rely on a strong and savvy team to facilitate a successful sale and ZEA have great experience in the sale of high-end homes in Zimbali Coastal Resort.

With a 13-strong team of property specialists, the ZEA team has over 100 years of experience between them. Zimbali Estate Agency values its people, and such have invested time and effort into continuous professional development ranging from advances in technology, to the legal side of the property game as well as team-building and forging strong bonds with colleagues.

Several ZEA team members have chosen to make Zimbali Coastal Resort their home which is testament to the great investment value of this resort. Many homeowners have trusted ZEA with the sale of their Zimbali property, and rightly so; in 2017 the resale of properties at Zimbali Coastal Resort totalled a value of R950 million. Out of that value and all existing properties sold, Zimbali Estate Agency was responsible for R450 million of all sales made. This staggering figure equates to the dominant market share of all sales on existing properties at the estate.

ZEA has a direct tie to and relationship with the developer of the estate which means they are at the cutting edge of developments within the Zimbali brand. Having an office within Zimbali which means that clients can access ZEA quickly and easily, and there is always ample parking. With extensive experience with the selling properties within the Resort, ZEA is equipped with the knowledge and professionalism needed to get your property sold in a shorter timeframe and at a better price. With continuous professional development and a savvy knowledge of the market, the team at ZEA knows what does and doesn’t make a good sale and what potential Zimbali investors might be looking for and will always guide sellers and purchasers to help them to maximise their investment.


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