Zimbali, an estate trail-blazer Part 2

Zimbali, an estate trail-blazer Part 2

Part 2

Creating New Buyers

Historically, buying into a residential estate has always remained out of reach for many, especially first-time buyers who are typically younger with less disposable income. However, along with the greater market demand for sectional title homes, residential estates are now opening up the market to these first-time buyers. Sectional title homes are now the entry point, for many, into the housing market and with that has enabled them to gain a foothold into a residential estate.


Live where you work, play where you live

It makes perfect sense to any buyer to invest in something which translates into less time commuting to and from work and  school. Location and proximity are game-changers in the residential estate space, with many developers vying for extreme locality and access to main routes and highways. Nowadays, mega estates like Zimbali Lakes Resort almost evolve into new suburbs. Today these estates include almost anything a homeowner could want and with that a modern mixture of residential, retail and commercial results. The market is seeing the value in negating the need to travel substantial distances to and from home every day- focus has now shifted to a better  quality of life.

Something for you, whoever you are

Needless to say, security is top of the list for most when it comes to buying a home. Security has almost become a given when buying into a residential estate- buyers don’t have to ask if it is a secure place anymore, that naturally just comes with the territory.

Of late, there has been a definite shift towards residential developments offering a range of amenities which cater for the whole family, not just dad and his golfing buddies anymore. What’s more, is that beyond health and fitness clubs and walking trails, some residential estates have gone as far as offering  both schools and medical facilities on site. Consider the convenience box ticked!

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