The Zimbali Legacy

The Zimbali Legacy

Established in 1996, Zimbali Coastal Resort has changed that face of luxury estate living on Kwa-Zulu Natal’s North Coast. Stretching over a vast 700-hectare landscape, Zimbali Coastal Resort commands pride of place along KZN’s coastline.

Teaming with flora and fauna, Zimbali is built on an ethos of living in harmony with nature and every aspect of this resort is designed with this in mind. Homes are executed in neutral hues and in an architectural style which complements the surrounding natural environment. In line with this, Zimbali has identified conservation amenity areas whose efforts are focused on the preservation and protection of delicate ecology of the area. The attraction of this resort is that it gives residents the opportunity to interact with the surrounding landscape and it flora and fauna, however the conservation efforts have a more forward-thinking vision of preservation and protection for future generations. True to its groundbreaking roots, Zimbali Coastal Resort is an iconic estate of international stature which successfully fuses luxury estate living and environmentally-sensitive development. This is part of the reason why the resort has garnered international attention and has won numerous awards since its inception 28 years ago, boasting wins in 2 categories; The Best Development- South Africa and Best Golf Development- South Africa; only bolstering its status further.

Zimbali Coastal Resort has enjoyed unwavering success and unrelenting demand from the market. The resort remains an attractive investment option for both the local and international market and this demand has driven property values up. Prices per-square-metre have steadily strengthened over the last decade and freehold property prices are now over R7 million.

As a strong brand of international stature, Zimbali Coastal Resort continues to attract investors through a stylish fusion of ecologically-sensitive luxurious coastal living within a family-centric, secure environment brimming with desirable amenities. Managed and owned by IFA Hotels and Resorts, Zimbali has continued to innovate and reimagine luxury estate living and has introduced the next chapter in its legacy with Zimbali Lakes Resort built on the vision to create secure luxury residential estates offering unsurpassed family-focused facilities.

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