Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Imagine being able to take to the outdoors at any time of the day or night; imagine an estate where children can play freely and safely; imagine knowing you and your loved ones are secure.

Zimbali Lakes Resort benefits from state-of-the-art, 24-hour manned security and surveillance. A wholly secure estate, Zimbali Lakes has an onsite security centre which means the first response at any given time is from a dedicated security team and residents are assured of real-time reaction.

Fitted with biometric access control to aid the flow of people and vehicles in and out of the estate; this feature also records the movement of outsiders within the estate. This biometric access control makes moving through the resort easy.

The perimeter of the resort is completely secure. Foot patrols guard the perimeter round-the-clock whilst electrified fencing further bolsters the security of the fencing. The perimeter is also fitted with cameras which have thermal imaging-allowing the security teams to monitor any movement nearby. Infrared CCTV records and monitors all movement within the estate as well.

As a modern estate, Zimbali Lakes Resort has a communication system which is fibre-optic enabled, meaning that communication is quick and accurate. Both human intervention and technology work hand in hand to create a secure and safe estate. With comprehensive security from Gatehouse to front door and everywhere in between, Residents have peace of mind knowing they are safe within the confines of Zimbali Lakes Resort.

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