Professional Personal Service with Zimbali Estate Agency

Professional Personal Service with Zimbali Estate Agency

Zimbali Estate Agency (ZEA) was established 15 years ago primarily to act as a sales entity specialising in Zimbali Coastal Resort. Today, ZEA has evolved into a real estate powerhouse armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience not only about Zimbali but also the North coast of Kwa Zulu-Natal.

Established in 1996, Zimbali Coastal Resort fast became one of the most-sought after residential estates in South Africa; and sits among the top 3 most prestigious estates in South Africa today. The development of Zimbali Coastal Resort was a pivotal point in the history of residential development in KZN and proved a catalyst which opened the eyes of developers and the market to the untapped potential of this area as a residential node.

Situated on the doorstep of Ballito, Zimbali Coastal Resort has surveyed the massive changes that have occurred there over the last decade. Once a sleepy holiday town, Ballito is now a formidable player in attracting both investors and out-of-towners looking to make this place home. By virtue of developers unlocking the potential of Ballito as a choice permanent residential location, the development of commercial and industrial interests have followed and town planning initiatives have stridden in tandem with this private sector development. Many people from Gauteng have chosen to make the North Coast of KZN their home and commute in and out for business purposes. Ballito is most certainly booming- and the recent figures can attest to this. Statistically speaking King Shaka International Airport reports an average 8% increase in the number of passengers passing through the airport in the last 5 years. Showing that semigration is on the rise and with it the demand for residential opportunities within a secure estate. In last 12 months, the bulk of residential transfers took place in gated estates translating into 216 transfers with a total value of R1.4 billion.

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