As a mixed-use resort offering world-class amenities for all ages, Zimbali Lakes Resort is set to be an estate like no other. Building on the success of the multi-award-winning brand that is Zimbali, Zimbali Lakes Resort seeks to take the best elements of estate living and elevate them higher. Encompassing sporting facilities, recreational opportunities, retail and residential, this is a truly holistic estate offering luxury living on KZN’s much sought-after North Coast.

Part of the appeal of Zimbali Lakes Resort, is that it offers a range of amenities and residential opportunities catering for people at all stages of life. Within the Zimbali Lakes Resort, the Water Club is a space designed for socialising and relaxed interaction where all ages can come together. Maximising on the beauty of the landscape and mild coastal climate, the Water Club features the piazza with large boulevard-style walkways and a host of retail and dining options. The design of Zimbali Water Club takes its name from the vast lake around which it is located with the walkways making their way down to the water’s edge. The lake itself provides the opportunity to engage in physical activities such as kayaking and stand up paddling, or even some catch-and-release fishing at one of the many dams throughout the estate.

For those keen on traditional sporting pursuits, Zimbali Sports Club encompasses both indoor and outdoor facilities. From tennis courts to rugby pitches, swimming pools, gym, restaurant and Kids’ Club, this provides a great platform for fun family time.
For hot Summer days when staying indoors is nobody’s idea of fun, families can blow off some steam at Zimbali Beach Club. Sitting atop and elevated deck equipped with loungers and umbrellas, parents can relax whilst keeping a watchful eye over their kids as they splash in the resort-style pool. Parents and children can also enjoy some of the food and refreshments on offer from one of the signature dining outlets as they watch the wave lap the shore.

Part of the charm of Zimbali Lakes Resort is the vast green spaces housed within which encourage interaction with the outdoors. Families and pets can explore the natural wonders of the estate either on foot; or along one of the many paths designed for biking as well.

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