2017 was Zimbali Estate Agency’s year!

2017 was Zimbali Estate Agency’s year!

The year 2017 has been Zimbali Estate Agency’s best year yet! Building on the success of 2016, Zimbali Estate Agency has proved they are the agency of choice when it comes to the resales of properties within the iconic Zimbali Coastal Resort.

Statistically, the resale of properties at Zimbali Coastal Resort totalled a value of R950 million rand in 2017. Out of that value and all existing properties sold, Zimbali Estate Agency was responsible for R450 million of all sales made. This staggering figure equates to the dominant market share of all sales on existing properties at the estate.

Zimbali Estate Agency has an office situated at Zimbali Coastal Resort. The association with the multi-award winning Zimbali Coastal Resort does not simply stop there. Zimbali Estate Agency, also known as ZEA, has a direct tie to and relationship with the developer of the estate. This relationship ensure that ZEA is at the cutting edge of developments within the Zimbali brand.

All of these factors bode well for Zimbali owners looking to sell their property. Firstly, having an office within Zimbali means that clients can access ZEA quickly and easily, and there is always ample parking. Having extensive experience with the selling properties in Zimbali Coastal Resort, ZEA is more adept at selling property faster and getting a better price for the seller. Knowledge is also power in this case and ZEA’s years of working within the estate means they have also come to know what does and doesn’t make a good sale and what those with their eyes on Zimbali are looking for. Taking a cautious approach and with a sensitive touch, the agents at ZEA gently guide sellers and purchasers towards the best course of action and help them to maiximise their investment.

The Fairmont Zimbali Resort recently hosted Keller Williams Realty’s annual South African Family Reunion. This event happens across various locations across the globe and is a way for Keller Williams agents to connect, learn, share knowledge and build morale. Each year the event hosts guest speakers and notable figures in the industry who present to an audience of eager agents looking to be the best they can be and take what they do to the next level.

The event also encompasses an awards ceremony, and the top 3 agents in South Africa came from ZEA. Out of 1200 competitors, winners were judged according the volume of sales on existing properties transacted. Bearing in mind that there are many other agencies also facilitate the resales of properties throughout the country, this is a prestigious accolade for the Zimbali Estate Agency.

Adriaan Van Schoor, Assistant Vice-President of Sales, IFA Hotels& Resorts shares his sentiments, “As specialists in Zimbali, it is not surprising that ZEA has managed to garner such an amazing accolade, however it is not achieved without dedication, care and a sound knowledge of the market. Out of our entire South African network, 3 of our agents received this award. To say we are extremely proud of this achievement would be an understatement!”

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